Automatically do something when a row is created

I’d like to automatically time-stamp every new row with a creation date. Is there any way to do that with Omni Automation? I don’t see anything like javascript event listeners, or ways to trigger scripts when something happens (i.e., other than pressing a custom hot key or toolbar button). Am I missing something?

I don’t have an answer regarding Omni Automation, but I also date and timestamp each row as a form of serial number so that every entry has a unique key, and used for internal linking. My format is YYYYMMDDhhmmss because it will sort lexically and numerically, and I need the seconds because it’s easily possible that I could enter more than one note in one minute. I place this timestamp in the first column (before the outline). By doing so, when I open a new row, the cursor is already in that field, and I just press Command-@ then right-arrow, and this places the timestamp in the format dictated by the column, and I am ready to type a title.

@ohoh, I just posted here a solution that could be adapted to accomplish what you want, I think.