Automatically tag and set defer date of Items in INBOX which got there through Maildrop


I wanna set up a workflow for my assistant - she should forward me ToDos by using the MailDrop feature of Omni Focus.

The Problem is, that MailDrop ITEMS land in the OF Inbox and i never user the Inbox, because i directly tag new items I add through my shortcut and set a defer date and a project and a tag. then i work with a perspective that sorts ToDos by Defer Date… that is why i never look into my Inbox.

Is there a way to have OmniFocus automatically give new Items in the INBOX the defer date of the day it got added to the inbox and a certain project and tag?

Thx for you help!

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I think this would require OmniGroup to add tags to email drop. This is a long requested feature. I don’t know if they will add it.

One possibility is if she learns DraftsApp’s taskpaper format, she could email them to you with defer dates, etc. Then you could Open-in Drafts and run the Taskpaper to OF routine.

If you have a mac you can:
Look at my answer in this post

Just use the syntax described in the maildrop subject line, and have your mac do the rest (I use an applescript and KM combination to parse the inbox every 30 minutes (and on demand using the web trigger in KM)

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