Automation bug?

I am using the Taskpaper format to create projects via a template.

Part of that template looks like this:

- Progress engagement @parallel(false) @context(Working) @autodone(false)
	- Review EngagementX and add / flag actions [Delete When Delivered] @parallel(true) @autodone(false) @context(Working) @defer(today) @repeat-method(fixed) @repeat-rule(FREQ=WEEKLY;BYDAY=MO,WE,FR)
	- Remove EngagementX from DEVONthink favorites @context(Working)

When I create the project (either via the Editorial action, or via a Workflow) the Type of Progress Engagement task is parallel, not sequential.

I’m sure this worked in earlier versions (I’m on 2.8.2).

Anyone else seen this behaviour?

Hey @deanpribetic! I’m sorry for the trouble here. This is a known issue, where OmniFocus 2.8.2 incorrectly ignores the values for @autodone or @parallel TaskPaper values. We hope to address this issue in an upcoming update.

@tekl any ETA on this bug fix? This really eliminates the use of templates for anything more than a simple list.

Is there a way I can revert the last point release on MacOS and ios? Thank you

Hey @lambdadriver. I’m really sorry for the difficulty, but I’m not able to promise any particular date for this fix.

However, rather than downgrading, you might be interested in the OmniFocus test builds. Make sure to check out the release notes!

Fantastic, thank you!

Hi folks! I wanted to note that OmniFocus 2.8.3, which corrects this bug, was just released. Enjoy!

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