Automation improvements in OmniFocus 3.11: REST API support, Project.reviewInterval, Task.parent, and more

Today’s test builds of OmniFocus 3.11.1 include several automation improvements that I thought you all might be interested in:

  • URL.FetchRequest implements support for performing network requests customize the HTTP method, headers, or cache control settings. It returns a promise with a URL.FetchResponse, which includes details from the response such as the HTTP status code and headers. This makes it possible for Omni Automation scripts to work with network resources which require authentication or which use a RESTful API.
  • The review interval for a project is now available via Project.reviewInterval. For details, see the API documentation for that property and the associated Project.ReviewInterval class.
  • Added API to get the containing parent for a Task, Folder, or Tag, and the containing parentFolder for a Project.
  • Project dates which don’t require a value will no longer report an error when set to null. (This applies to the dueDate, deferDate, dropDate, and completionDate.)

Love the “REST API support”, I will try soon. Thanks so much!

Documentation for new HTTP request:

Project Review Interval:

Task parent:

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