"Automation" menu in OmniFocus

Was looking thru the omni-automation.com website when I noticed that it seems that automation for OmniFocus should be enabled for 3.4 or later. (https://omni-automation.com/omnifocus/index.html, see yellow box)

And on this page, it shows a menu in OmniFocus for the automation stuff (console/API ref etc)

Is this just content waiting on a new version of OF, or am I blind and haven’t enabled something?

3.3.6 is the newest release for ios as of 2019-10-16 4:18 PM pst. It’s probably up there for testers.

Oops sorry! Should’ve mentioned that I’m talking about the MacOS version, I’m currently running 3.4.2, which I believe is the newest version:

By default the feature is turned off (I think because it’s not finished yet). You need to turn it on with a hidden preference - I don’t have the command to do so hanging around sadly.

Here’s some more info about Omni Automation and how you can get access:

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For those interested with a compatible build! Using this URL will enable the automation menu on OmniFocus 3.4. You’ll need to quit+restart the app after clicking this:


(It’s behind a feature toggle for a reason, expect bugs for now!)