Automation scope

Quick question for those who know more than I do:
Is it possible to use automation from OmniOutliner to trigger automation in OmniFocus?

I use OmniOutliner to maintain tracking sheets for deliverables for projects. My toast would be so buttered if I could select a row, kick off a script and have a set of tasks (dependent on my choice in the Popup List column for Type) populated into an existing OmniFocus project which has the same name as the tracking sheet file. Is this doable?

I like to learn by doing (and by stealing), so I don’t mind doing some work, but if anyone can let me know if I’m wasting my time that would be great. And if I’m not, if you know of any useful scripts to steal from I’d appreciate a link or snippet.

Thanks all!

I see a few days have gone by without an answer. I don’t know the answer to your question, and am curious to see what it will be. But note comments from @kcase in this thread. Apparently, Omni maintains an extremely light presence here, which explains how so many questions can go unanswered for weeks, months, and even years, if they are answered at all.

They encourage emailing or telephoning support humans.

You may also have better luck getting an answer on the Slack channel. I recently discovered through a brief mention by someone. Go to and follow the Slack link at the bottom in the footer.

Thanks @SGIII! I’ll mess around with it myself and see what comes up. I can’t do Slack I’m too easily distracted ^^.