Automation to move files from email to OF?


I’m wondering if I can somehow automate the moving of files from a particular email subject and/or sender into a specific OF project? Thanks!

Which email client?

Here’s some options in this threads on the Automators forum

Spark, using gmail

Thanks. So really this is a question about Spark automation. You’ll have to ask the Readdle folks about how to automate in Spark. (I’m actually interested in this because one day I might move to Spark from Airmail - if the automation is strong enough.)

Ok new question - let’s say I want to talk an email with a certain subject heading and put it not just into Omnifocus, but into a specific project with a specific defer date. Is there a way the Omnifocus mail drop can do that?

… no :-(

That is highly unfortunate. I was hoping there was a code where in subject line I could add a hashtag or something, I know other apps have adopted that sort of thing.

Email is not the only way. For example Shortcuts and x-callback-url mechanisms.

These require considerably more work but are very powerful.

I know I just have limited knowledge :)

Do you want to get the whole email into OmniFocus or just the subject heading? Or do you want to create a project inside OmniFocus when you get an email with a certain header or add actions to an exisiting OmniFocus project when you receive an email with the particular header?

(Sorry for all the questions just trying to make sure I understand what you’re trying to achieve.)

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I want the subject of the email to be the name of the OF task, with the contents to be in the note. But I want it in a specific project, if possible … ?