Autorepeat on Completion?

I have a project checklist for a set of operations which needs to be repeated many times.

How do I set up the project so that when I complete the last action in the project, a new incomplete checklist is created?

I can’t see how to do it without using time divisions in the inspect repeat section - I want the project to autorepeat as soon as I have completed all the actions in the project.

If you set the project to ‘defer again’ and set it for the next day, week, hour, whenever, does that accomplish what you need?

It wouldn’t play well with due dates, if you needed them, so you may have to manually set those upon the new project’s creation. (Perhaps the first action in the project should be to set those dates.)

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Sorry, I don’t have an answer if you have to use Omni Focus, but there is an online service called which does EXACTLY this. Very useful and versatile!

Thanks for that.

I’m wanting something that is time-independent, so that the project repeats triggered by completion of the last action in it, rather than being tied relative to a time.

Thanks - I’ll check it out!

This isn’t currently supported, but we do have a feature request open on something very much like this. I’ll attach you to that item in our development database so the rest of the team will know this is something you’d like to see supported. Thanks!

Hi Brian!

I’m looking into creating recurring checklists that reaper a on specific weekday (or date) without triggering a “due” in the forecast-perspective. Exactly like a question in the OF1 forum (Need help implementing a recurring checklist).

It´s for various tasks thats reoccurring (cleaning, administration, etc) but doesn’t have a deadline, rally don’t want to clutter the forecast-view with stuff like that. I’ve looked through the OF2-forum but can’t find anything about it on there. Do you have a solution for that or is that something like the feature request your talking about in the comment will look at?

@p.ringqvist - Here is my setup, which I think accomplishes what you are trying to do. In this example, I am getting / scanning / processing Tuesday’s mail.

When I complete the last task, the whole series repeats, deferred to next Tuesday (but with no due date).

EDIT (for clarity): Note that the inspector references “Next Due:” under the Repeat settings, but it actually doesn’t assign a due date.

@konnektor - As a slight workaround, what if you set the project to defer again another 1 minute? That may accomplish what you need for now.

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Howdy! I think we may have traded some messages on Twitter yesterday. :-) The feature being discussed in this thread is different than the one I referred to there, but if you think that would be helpful, I can attach you to that one in addition to the one from yesterday.

(In the meantime, @devynosborne’s approach is very clever and something I hadn’t thought of; nice work and thanks for posting it!)

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Hi Brian and thank you for your reply!

I’m not the one you tweeted with so if you could link that conversation in some way I’d be grateful!

And big thanks to @devynosborne, I’m trying your out your setup now and it looks like it working. I’ll get back if I run into problems…

What a great place to get help and what a community.