Autoscrolled Expansion Of Selections Broken

Oh it tries, but then jerks back periodically. It’s just not possible to select many paragraphs within a long single multiline entry, except by periodically stopping your drag to manually scroll as bit then expand the selection again a bit, taking forever. This is word processor 101 behaviour that is broken here on my iPhone app.

I also cannot alter text size if images are also inline, after I just select all.

Ah, looks like when you try to reduce the selection, it jumps back to show the start of the selection. It also scrolls down a bit too fast. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Until it’s fixed you could reduce the zoom level temporarily when you need to make these selections (Content inspector > Document tab > Zoom)

As for changing the text size when there are inline images, I am unable to reproduce that problem. If you have a document this occurs in, could you please send a copy of it to Thanks!