Available task does not appear in "Available" perspective

Can someone tell me why this task…

…wouldn’t show up in this Perspective?:


The “OFE Available” Perspective is set up to grab all Available tasks within the entire hierarchy of my “OFE” folder. The task is clearly available, and is clearly in a project that is within the hierarchy of my “OFE” folder. But, the task doesn’t show up. It was deferred to yesterday, due yesterday, but doesn’t appear in this Available perspective.

Any ideas?


I think I may have figured it out. The Task was in a Sequential Project, but I had Defer and Due Dates on the Task, but not on the Project. Once I deleted the Defer/Due Dates in the Task, and instead put them in the Sequential Project, my available Task from this Project appeared in my Available Perspective.

I’ve learned that Sequential Projects should not have Tasks with separate Defer/Due Dates from the actual Project, as it defeats the purpose of having it Sequential instead of Parallel.