Available Today Perspective

Hello - I have a perspective built that is my “Available Today” perspective. However, The items that I have already either flagged or set a “Due Today” I don’t want them showing up in this view.

I have it set right now to “Unflagged” which “kinda” works (but not really since it still shows me all of the items that I have set a Due date on as well).

Is there any way to setup an “Unflagged and No Due Date” type of perspective at all? Thanks!

The current perspective settings do not handle this type of situation. There might be a way to group it by unflagged and then collapse that group. But you will still show due items.

If you’d like to see more customizable perspective settings, send an e-mail to omnifocus@omnigroup.com to submit a feature request for new settings that will support your vote.

I had already submitted a feature request for perspective settings similar to the iTunes Smart Playlist. I imagined it would have something like:

[Flagged Status] is [unflagged]
[Due Date] is [empty]

Maybe one day…

I have a similar perspective, but different workflow. Maybe something gives you an idea to solve the problem, or a different perspective to look at it.
When I look at my “Next actions” perspective (grouped by contexts, and not showing flagged items), the ideal situation is not to have any item with a due date. If there’s a due dated item there I must ask myself:
¿Can I do this/work on this yet?
If the answer is no, it must be deferred so I will not see it.
If the answer is yes, it must be done today.

Other option you can think about if you don’t want to see this “due dated” actions is to put them in your calendar (objetive due dates), so you can delete them from your lists.

Sorry for my “I’m so so bad with other languages” english.


I’d really love this. +1