Back in the Fold

I have been away from the OF Beta for a few months having been quite dissatisfied with the direction the phone beta was taking. I jumped to Things3 which served me quite well, did the job and as has been documented may times has a very nice UI. However I have a lot of history invested in OF so a few weeks ago my curiosity got the better of me and I returned to the beta on all devices.

A task manager is the cornerstone of my business and I need to rely on it and trust it and at the start of the beta i felt I could no longer trust it’s direction. I was wrong, so looking with a fresh eye this is my personal experience.

It has come a long way! I am primarily using it on my Mac, and the experience has been really good. The changes to the Forecast actually for the first time makes it usable for me, albeit as an end of day check that my custom perspectives have not let anything slip through. I can not remember if OF3 offered the ability to hide the sidebar while leaving the (now translucent) perspective bar in place, but it’s something that for me works well. Talking of the translucent areas of the app, I like them, it gives the app a modern feel and as someone who uses purple wallpapers blends well with OF branding.

While using Things I had to seriously adjust my previous rather complex OF setup which was probably a good thing, it forced me to pair down my system and while the ability of OF to create myriad nested folders can be a strength, it can also allow you down a warren of overdoing things, one I fell down. Coming back to OF I completely rethought my setup. I am still (basically) following @kourosh Dini’s excellent book on OF but have now made it my own, with perspectives that reflect how I need a system to show me what I need.

Other than squashing bugs, which I am not experiencing by the way, I see OF4 as a pretty complete app. Credit to @KenCase and the team, for creating not only a great stable of apps, but also creating a vibrant community both on Discourse and Slack, it feels good to be back.


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