Backup Omnifocus 2

Is it possible to restore a backup if I do not have access to a mac? Here’s what happened:

I used Omnifocus with limited results in the past. I decided to get back in and upgraded my mac to Omnifocus Pro 2. I have not upgraded my iPad yet.

I had unexpected free time today sitting in a medical office. I decided to assign projects and contexts to items in my inbox using my iPad with Omnifocus Pro 1. I did something and suddenly the entire inbox was empty. I shut down my cellular hoping the database did not sync.

When I got home to my mac, I realized that it did sync, but I was able to restore from last night’s backup. It looks like these backups are stored on my mac, buried in a hidden folder. I used the menu options to restore so I did not need to know where they were, but if something had happened to my laptop would I have been able to restore to an old backup? In Omnifocus 1, I was able to chose where the backup files were stored. I stored the backups in a folder I know was routinely backed up. I could always revert to an old version.

Backups are stored in Users/[your user name]/Containers/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2/Data/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/Backups. (It will be slightly different for the Mac App Store.)
If you choose “Show Backups…” from the File menu and then command-click on the ‘Backups’ title of the Finder window that opens, you can see this.

This is not customizable, but at least you can check that this directory is included in your own backup system.