Backup on Google Drive or OneDrive

I can´t download my backup files from Google Drive or OneDrive, when I discharge the files on my Mac omniplan can´t recognize them. How I can do a Backup using Google Drive or OneDrive?

Thanks and sorry for my english.

Sorry for the trouble here. OmniPlan documents use a bundled file package format, which is a common Mac filetype where the .oplx file acts like a “wrapper” that contains all the other files that actually make up your OmniPlan document. Some web services unfortunately don’t understand the file package format and mistake it for a folder, showing you the component files within the .oplx, instead of treating it like one complete file. If you then try to re-download the file under these circumstances, it’s unlikely that you’ll end up with an intact OmniPlan file.

If you wish to continue storing your OmniPlan file on this cloud provider, we’d recommend compressing the file before uploading it to ensure the document remains in one piece. First, locate the file in the Finder, then Control-click (⌃) the document and pick Compress <filename>. This creates a .zip version of the file, which will help keep it in one piece when sent across the web. More info about this is available on Apple’s site here: macOS Sierra: Compress or uncompress files and folders

Alternatively, if you store your file on iCloud Drive or on a WebDAV server—either using the built-in collaborative sync or using OmniPresence—these sync options natively support bundled file formats, so it’s not required to compress the document before uploading it.

More information about OmniPlan’s filetype is available on our site here. I hope this helps!


Thank you very much!

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