Badge count does not always display

I like seeing how many tasks are either due or due soon by seeing the colored badges on the left side of the screen. However, it appears that for perspectives that I’ve made myself, like one that I call my “Work” perspective - I cannot see how many items are in any of my contexts.

Everyone’s different, and my work consists of a LOT of small tasks. I’d love to not have to actually look at my complete to-do list for the day and get a quick-view of how much there is to do in each area. For example, I’d like to quickly see that I have 20 phone calls to make (with a badge reading “20” on my “Call” context). And I’d like to compare that to the count in other contexts because that may certainly have a bearing on what context I do to begin my work day.

I am able to see badge counts on the perspectives that came with OF2. Is there something I need to change in my settings so that all perspectives show a badge count?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Unfortunately, OmniFocus doesn’t currently support sidebar badges for custom perspectives. We’re aware of the issue, though, and I’ve added your request to our internal bug database.

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Thanks - I appreciate the feedback and willingness to look into the change!!