Badge icon doesn't update with a new Due item

Just wondering if others see this behaviour before I log a support ticket.


  1. OmniFocus 2 for iPhone lets me know, via Notifications, that I have a new due item
  2. I see the notification but don’t open OF2
  3. The badge icon for OF2 does not update to indicate that I have a due item
  4. I’m busy doing something else so I can’t do that thing right now
  5. I forget that I have a due item, because the OF2 icon shows nothing
  6. Sadness prevails


  • I do have Background Refresh turned on for OF2
  • I do have badge icons turned on, and if I open the app the icon appears

Is this “expected behaviour”? Shouldn’t background refresh be changing the icon for me?

I’m finding it difficult to trust my truly important, must-do tasks to OF2 because of this. I only assign a due time if something really must get done by that time, and it’s too easy to miss a notification or dismiss it because I’m in the middle of something else. I have OF2 in my Dock for a reason, and that reason is that I’ll always see it, and if there’s a red badge there then I know that there is something I absolutely must do.

As it is, if there’s something I can’t miss at a certain time I’m using the excellent to pester me because I know it will get in my face. But I don’t want to have to do that. I have a to-do system, and it’s OmniFocus. In this instance, however, it isn’t working.

Just me? I hope so, at least then it might be fixable…


Bueller? Bueller?

I’d love for anyone to say “yep” or “nope” so I know if I’m going mad or not?

The badge icon only updates when the app is open. See here and here for similar reports, and there are probably others.

Thanks for the reply, teronel.

That’s massively disappointing. It basically renders OF on the iPhone unusable for me. (I don’t want to sound melodramatic - it really does.)

Why can the excellent - just updated! - manage this? It’s clearly technically possible. Omni Group, any feedback? I really do want to use OF as my primary “remember to do this thing” app… :-(

This is in our development database. The best way to ask for features and report bugs is by emailing

Thanks, I’ll do that.

I’d argue it’s hardly a “feature” that needs requesting, however…

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I think sent in a request for this a while ago too. I’m not sure how difficult this is to implement, as some apps seem to do it, and others don’t.

This really needs to be done in my opinion as well…

I would agree that this would be an awesome add. That said, I’m in the app often enough that it stays updated as it is. I can’t say I’ve ever noticed it.

I see that this post hasn’t been updated or answered in a while, but this really does need to happen. Developers - will we be able to see this soon?

Ah I thought there was an issue with my notifications. Well, at least I am not the only one, but I agree, this would be extremely convenient.