Basic Templates 101?

I have very simple needs for outlines on OO Pro for Mac and would like to create a template which only uses a specific 19pt monospace font with a lined yellow marble background for all topics and subtopics - that’s it.

When I’ve tried adapting an existing template I end up with subtopics with different fonts/sizes, and basing a template based on something I’ve been using duplicates the text from that outline when I choose the template for a new outline (and often I still get odd fonts/sizes when I create subtopics too).

I want all my text to look the same unless I style it after entering it, something really basic. Is there a way to do this, am I missing something?

Open up the Sidebar, and choose the Styles tab. Click on “Whole Document”.

Now, open the Inspector and select all the style elements you want, such as Font, Backgrounds, etc.

When you have it the way you want, go to the File Menu and select “Save as Template”.

If there’s text in there, just delete it when you save it as a template.

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Ah, you need to do that before typing anything. Thanks!