Batch editing iOS - Desktop Class APP [available now in OmniFocus 3]

please addBatch Editing IOS, for me it is very necessary

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Any news on this feature request? Customers have been asking for it since at least 2012!

This feature is in our roadmap for 2017 (which I posted earlier today). Here’s the relevant quote:


Glad to hear! This is one of the reasons I never use OF on the iPad. The other one is the lack of Drag&drop, as mentioned here:
Any plans for that?
Especially on an iPad Pro it would be so nice to be able to drag actions between projects/lists. Or from inbox into projects, just like in OF1 on Mac!


Just would like to concur with my strong desire for multi-item editing on iPad. I find the Review process on iPad to be superior and more enjoyable than the Mac, but the inability to quickly bulk edit for project, context, or timing to be very frustrating and time-wasting. Honestly, it’s the one thing that I would truly welcome and would be a huge time saver. Thanks.


The ability to update an item from e.g. Workflow would go a long way towards this, but I’d still want it native to OmniFocus as well.

This would be a much appreciated feature.


As full featured as this application is, without batch editing it’s still only supplementary to the Mac application and cannot stand on it’s own. I pretty much only use the mobile version of this to quickly add things and cross them off. I use batch defer every day so I really hope it comes in an upcoming version.

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To be honest…I just switched to Things 3 because they have batch editing that works really well.

I dearly miss OF on my ipad, it’s better IMO but the batch editing is such a desired feature for me that Things 3 fit the bill.

If OF2 on the ipad gets that feature back I’ll switch back.

So 2017 is dwindling pretty fast - any chance we’ll see this before 2018?

I think we can look forward to it before the end of the year, together with manual ordering and multiple tags, as The Omni Group have a good habit of delivering what’s in their yearly roadmap:
What’s coming in Q4
The roadmap for 2017

This feature will be coming one quarter later than originally planned. Sorry for the delay!


I’m switching my use of OF to iOS-only (due to general changes in my workflow). The very first “snag” I hit is the need to batch edit. If it’s not yet available (maybe I’m just not seeing it?), I grow very concerned about where this feature sits on the priority list. OF has come out with some very cool automation; however, batch-edit seems to be the most direct and straightforward way (from a user’s perspective) to drastically improve efficiency of using the application. No special coding needed. Just select a bunch of tasks, and batch-edit. Bang! Done. I understand automation also improves efficiency of using OF, but me thinks that the simplicity (again, from a user’s perspective) of batch-editing is unrivaled.

just saw this… yay!

I hear your frustration, @Scottb. However, I lost my patience with switching back-and-forth between task managers. I find it to be mentally and logistically draining. Sure, these apps are all getting good at importing from another app. However, I always find that little details don’t quite get transferred correctly, and one has to spend a huge amount of time fixing up the incomplete migration. This is so different from how Calendar apps work, for example.

Also unlike Calendar apps, task managers seem somehow far more intimately connected to the user. We each look for something that connects at a deep level with how we think and work; at the same time, as we use a particular app, our minds adapt and conform to the app. It’s a two-way interaction and integration. So, switching isn’t just a matter of getting data ported over. It also involves reshaping our brains to the new environment.

All of this makes flipping between task managers very very painful (to me).

I seriously considered Things 3, but stayed true with OF, even without batch-editing and other features that I really really really wish we had. In the end, the right path is the path that works best for you individually. Good luck. I just pray to the Omnigods… i mean OmniGroup.

I just spent the $10 to try Things for iOS and it makes it immediately clear how awkward the OmniFocus interface is. Sadly there’s no provision for review as in OF which is essential for me to not lose stuff in the long term… But man it’s so much better for bulk editing and just generally quickly planning the day’s activities.