Batch editing iOS - Desktop Class APP [available now in OmniFocus 3]

Since getting the IPad, I’m using my MAC a lot less now. I cannot believe that the major friction is Omnifocus. If I want to defer multiple actions, I have to do it like a cave man; one at a time.

Please tell me that the lack of batching editing of actions on Omnifocus iOS is bothering other Omnifocus users…

Am I being unreasonable in asking for this feature?

I know this feature is planned but that’s what I was told 2014/2015…

Ken Case said that the Omnigroup apps are ready for the iPad Pro. That is true but there is nothing pro like about Omnifocus on IPad. Omnigroup appears to design iOS apps as companion apps but most people (including me) do not have access to their MACs but everyone has access to their iOS devices.

I paid AUD60 for Omnifocus on iOS. Please give me a desktop class app.


I sent in my feature request vote to for this a while back. This was the biggest thing that I miss when I am using OmniFocus on the iPad. But I will say that OmniFocus on the iPad has certainly come a long way since it was introduced on the iOS platform.


I have been waiting for this feature for ages! It is a major drawback to working with OF in IOS. I always wait to go to my laptop. Other task apps have this feature. I still prefer OF by a mile and a half, but please please get this feature prioritised.

Since I’ve started working on a windows-centric world during the day (for over 1 year), this is THE reason I consider abandoning OmniFocus every now and then.
I hope @kcase and the team are looking into it. It’s really annoying.
I’m about to get an iPad Pro, and I’m sure I’ll be even more annoyed then.

On the last communication I had with Ken on twitter about the roadmap, he did not mention this FR, unfortunately :(

It appears that this isn’t a priority for them. And I have an iPad Pro and its the app is the worst on it. So much wasted space and lack of batch editing. Yet there is no plan to give the iOS version some much needed power. Batch editing is a basic feature that even much similar task management apps have.

Maybe if the iOS Omnifocus developers only used iOS, they would better understand the frustration. I fear they don’t and as such see nothing wrong with the iOS version.

Well, Omnigroup does have their hands full with:

  1. OmniFocus for iOS
  2. OmniFocus for Mac
  3. OmniPlan for iOS
  4. OmniPlan for Mac
  5. OmniGraffle for iOS
  6. OmniGraffle for Mac
  7. OmniOutliner for iOS
  8. OmniOutliner for Mac

Then we can also supplementally add the Pro versions for these apps. I think they have their hands full. We’ve seen a lot of feature requests on the forums. The OmniFolks are tallying all the votes for feature requests. Some feature requests bubble up more than others. I’m going to guess that tags/multiple contexts probably got a lot more votes over batch editing on iOS.

I don’t know if anyone outside of OmniGroup can say that there is no plan. Every app is going to get Omni’s attention in due time. We just got a Mac update with themes being the big new feature. It might not be high on everybody’s list but it was certainly appreciated. We’ll probably see an iOS update soon enough.

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Agree with everyone’s comments. I would like to see a desktop class app for the iPad Pro. I could ditch my MB Air.

Can I ask a quick question to the iPad Pro users? I haven’t seen one in the flesh yet.

Aside from OF, have any other apps been written for the larger screen, i.e. do they make better use of the space with a different resolution? It’s one of the things I’ve never understood with my Air2. It has a fantastic resolution yet the apps aren’t written for it and everything looks oversized, right down to the standard Apple on-screen keyboard. It almost looks toy-like.

@PeterW I love my iPad Pro, although I admit Omni, Apple, Google and others have been slow to take advantage of the bigger screen and power behind the pro. I will say Microsoft’s OneNote has done a fabulous job of implementing the iPad Pro’s features including the pencil.
On a side note, I would to see at WWDC a separation among iOS on the phone vs iOS on the larger iPad Pros. I know we won’t get Mac OS X on an iPad but I want to see more features besides split screen and a stylus.

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When I wrote up that list on Twitter, I was thinking about the list of features we plan to do that will be enabled by changing the sync format to allow forward/backward compatibility.

Batch editing on iOS won’t require any changes to the file format (after all, we already do batch editing on Mac), so I didn’t think to include it in that list. But it’s very definitely a part of our planned roadmap.


Thanks Ken. It good to get clarification from yourself. Can you indicate if it’s coming this year? As you said the MAC has it and iOS is crying out for it

also any plans to make the iPad more like a desktop class app? There is a lot of wasted space on the iPad which I think could be put to better use.

I’ll have a better notion of timing after WWDC (in early June), when we learn what’s coming in iOS 10.

That’s very important to us too. As noted in my roadmap blog post a few months ago:

Finally, we’re working hard on making iPad Pro the best platform it can be. When Tim Cook introduced iPad Pro in September, he said: “iPad is the clearest expression of our vision of the future of personal computing: a simple, multi-touch piece of glass that instantly transforms into virtually anything that you want it to be.” I still find that vision as compelling as when we decided to go “iPad or Bust!” when iPad was introduced in 2010, and if we truly want to achieve that vision we still have a lot of work to do to bring more of the power of the desktop to that transforming piece of glass. I can’t wait to share the fruits of that labor with you once it’s ready!


As @claybwagner has stated, the iPad Pro is still in its infancy. There have not been a lot of developers that have jumped on the iPad Pro bandwagon yet. You just don’t move screen elements around just because there is a bigger screen. A developer has to take time to figure out new workflows and rearranged screens. Shifting from the 4" iPhone screen to the 9.7" iPad screen and now the 12" iPad Pro screen will take a lot of coordination and focus to get it right.

iOS 10 is just around the corner. We’ll see what new APIs will be presented to help developers take advantage of the new iPad Pro.

Sure, but the 9.7 inch iPad has been around for some time now and most apps still don’t make good use of the screen, including Apple.

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@kcase any thoughts on a bulk editing timeline coming out of WWDC? Thanks

What I’d like to see from batch editing in iOS is the ability to move multiple items into another at once, instead of one by one (like an animal). Drag (i.e. tap and hold, drag) and drop would be a nice UI interaction.


I hear you loud and clear but I raised this with Ken Case and he said we would most likely see this feature in 2017.

My work is more getting more mobile and it pains me when I have defer each task individually. I don’t know of any other advanced task manager that doesn’t have batch editing. Omnifocus has definitely missed a mark here.

I’m hopeful.

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Strongly agree. Hope @SupportHumans are watching this / adding all our votes :D

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Sorry! While we do try to stay involved with the forums and help where we’re needed, requests for features like this are not captured into our system this way. If you want to be sure we hear your voice, email us directly with your thoughts.