BCWS vs BAC and "editing date"

I’m new with Omniplan and I cannot find an answer in the manual.
I have a 2d activity (total cost of 1000€) with Planned Value (BCWS) equal to BAC. Is it possible to calculate the BCWS at the end of the first day (500€)? The “editing date” seems to not affect BCWS.

Thank you in advance

I found: arbitrary costs are not proportionally divided to multiple days, only resource hour costs.

@Stefano If you’re still having trouble with this, could you email a sample file to our Support team so that they can look into it with you? They can be reached by email at omniplan@omnigroup.com. If you’d like to send in an anonymized copy of the project you’re currently working with, you can do so by selecting Help > Contact Omni… in the OmniPlan menu bar and selecting the option to include a copy of the file. This will create an email with a copy of your OmniPlan document, replacing all of the text in your document with “Xxxxx” strings.


Thanks Ains, I found out how to manage it!
Have a good day