Ben Waldie:s Create OmniFocus Followups from Contacts in OF2?


Have anyone managed to get Ben Waldies applescript for making followup by email and phone from contacts to work in Omnifocus 2? If yes, how?

I followed the instructions from the TUAW-page but it will not show up in Contacts (

I use quite a lot of other applescripts so even if I not program them myself I have some understanding. I have tried to save the scripts to /Applications/Utilities and also /User/Applications/Utilities without any results. Since my main language is swedish I tried to change the language-preferences to english without any success.

Does anyone have any idea what I should do next and what I have done wrong so far?

Thank you all for your help

Kindest regards

I wish. This seems like something that would be really useful for any OF user.

Working here. You needed to peek down in the comments to see a workaround for Mavericks that also works for Yosemite.

fglazer Jun 12, 2014
@bwaldie I was able to get the scripts to work in Mavericks by changing the location of them to the following folder: ~/Library/Application Scripts/ - the folder was already present in my library but was empty. Added your scripts to it and presto!

Also - initially the email script worked and the phone script did not. I opened the phone script and compiled it, then closed both the scripteditor and contacts, and when I reopened the contacts app both scripts worked fine.

TheWart: thank you! Then I will look into this again

I don´t have any video stream from my computer, but imagine that I´m dancing of joy in my kitchen dressed in my pyjamas. TheWart: thank you so much, now I can see the script in contacts. Cheers

I downloaded and copied the two script files (“Contacts > Email Follow Up with OmniFocus.scpt” and “Contacts > Phone Follow Up with OmniFocus.scpt”) to ~/Library/Application Scripts/ The “Follow Up with OmniFocus” item is appearing for email addresses, but not for phone numbers.

Any suggestions?

Hi Tim. Did you see the third message in this string? It appears you might have to compile/recompile the phone numbers script in Applescript. I did that, and it works for me. Unfortunately, I usually don’t use the built-in Contacts app. Anyone know if you can revise the scripts so that they work in Busy Contacts??


Thanks for your message, Randy. Compiling the script did the trick and I can now create OmniFocus actions based on both phone numbers and emails in Contacts. Great! I just added an OmniFocus AppleScript Directory to Learn OmniFocus and plan to add this script along with some additional instruction on using it with Yosemite.

BusyContacts 1.0.3 added a context menu item that allows you to copy a the card URL to the clipboard. So, you could control or right-click on a contact, choose “Copy Card URL to Clipboard” and paste this URL into the notes field of an OmniFocus action. Clicking this link will take you back to the contact. I’m looking into ways to make this more convenient using AppleScript and/or Keyboard Maestro. Unfortunately this will only work on the Mac as there isn’t no iOS version of BusyContacts,

Tim: Keep us posted. Thanks.


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