Best 1-2 hours crash course in Macbook Omnifocus for beginner

Hello, I am new user and need to start using Omnifocus on Monday at work. I need to go through a 1-2 hours crash course during tomorrow Sunday in how it work, how I enter tasks, and how I set up projects.

What is the best resource out there for that? Youtube video or similar?

At a later stage I will deep dive but for the time being, I just need the crash course.

Video’s filtered for beginning users on learn omnifocus:

Not free, but great field guide:

Youtube videos:

On my Learn OmniFocus website, I have a course called Start Smart with OmniFocus that’s just over two hours long and covers all of the key OmniFocus features across all platforms (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Web) alongside key Getting Things Done® (GTD®) principles:

There’s also a follow-up course called OmniFocus 3: Beyond the Basics that delves into more advanced functionality.

You can access this and all other content by joining Learn OmniFocus. Members can also participate in Learn OmniFocus LIVE sessions, including small-group (maximum ten people) Office Hours sessions.

Feel free to contact Learn OmniFocus if you have any questions.

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