Best Practices for Processing Inbox?

Trying to figure out how to best process my inbox. This is the second key step in the GTD process, and I feel like I must be missing something because I can’t figure out how to use OF2 to do this well.

I haven’t been able to find any good examples online so far. The only video about this that Omni has on it’s website is this one:

but it must be outdated - doesn’t seem to be the same version that I’m using: 2.1(v92.4).

At the moment, I have around 50 items in my inbox. I would like to drag these into various projects that I already have set up. Because I can’t see the projects list from the inbox, I set up a “process inbox” project, but can’t figure out how to move all 50 items into that project quickly. Seems like I have to do this one item at a time which just seems counterproductive.

Would be great to hear from others (and ideally from Omni) about the best/easiest ways to effectively and rapidly process the inbox.


There’s a long thread here on the subject, but since the use case you describe is to move multiple items from the inbox into the same project, you can do that easily using the Inspector panel. Hit ⌘⌥I to enable the panel, then ^A to select your tasks (or shift+click the desired ones) and head over to the Inspector panel. You will find a Project text box and dropdown menu.

The text box uses autocomplete, so begin typing the name of your desired destination project and as you see the project list filter, select the project you want using the arrow keys and Enter. Then you’re done!

I agree that Project list visibility from the Inbox is desirable, but Weekly Reviews keep my project titles fresh in mind so navigating the text box with the keyboard has become much faster than drag and drop for me.

@TheWart - Very helpful, thank you.

Open a new window Option+Command+N and set it to Projects then drag items from your inbox to the appropriate project