Best practices question to the group

I’m a Project Manager.
I have had OF for a while but am a novice user…however I am slowly using the app more frequently as the weeks pass by.
Should i use folders when I set up a new Project? At the moment I have a ‘work’ folder and i list my projects numerically and then have actions ‘parallel style’ in each project. But im thinking that perhaps I should set up individual projects in a folder and then in the folder set up the tasks/actions etc.

any advice, experiences would be very welcome

FYI each of my projects could contain one or two actions - for the simple basic projects or could contain dozens of actions on the larger ones.

It’s up to you! Are you having any difficulty with your current configuration? If not, perhaps there isn’t any need to change it.

I don’t like going very granular. I have 4 or 5 big projects, then 1 or 2 catch-all lists for individual actions. No folders.

In my experience, folders are nice for filtering projects and actions down to a subset. (eg. All projects for Work. All projects for home. All projects in one area of my life. All projects in one role). Because I usually have 8 projects or less, I don’t have to bother with folders. I like to keep it simple.

I initially started with folders for each major area of focus and put the projects under them. But it got cumbersome to mange and many times a single project actually fit in several AOFs and I never knew where to look for it.

I totally revamped my system and now I have a single folder for Active Projects, a folder for Projects related to a single Company (which will probably go away soon as my need to find all those related projects is diminishing), one folder for monthly repeating projects, one folder for each quarter for repeating projects that happen once a year but can only start in a specific quarter (so Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep and Oct_Dec), one folder for Someday/Maybe projects and one folder for checklists (all on hold. They are documentation of what I do and are for emergency use by someone else if I am unable to do my jobs.)

I currently have 162 active projects, 102 Pending ones and 66 on Hold. 272 available actions spread across 37 contexts.

Flatter lists work better for me so I generally don’t use subprojects.