Best way to create and copy a checklist

What is the best way you found to make and copy a simple checklist?

I’m a long-time Evernote user. Within one note in Evernote, you can make a simple list of items. Next to each item, you can place a small check box the size of a keyboard character. The checkbox can be manually checked.

I have used this type of list many times for things like packing lists, shopping lists, etc. For instance let’s say you have a list of 20 things that you need to take with you on travel. You can copy and paste one note with all these items. You can edit the checklist items within that note if there something different you need to take on this particular trip.

Is there a way to do this in OF? Does anyone here use OF for these sort of lists?

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I’m still pretty new to this so there might be better ways than this (that I’d be interested in reading). What I do is:

  1. Created an “Hidden” tag with two sub-tags: “Routine” and “List”. Routines are things that happen on a scheduled basis (like writing a weekly report for my boss or paying my AMEX bill). Lists are, what they say, things like packing lists.
  2. I exclude the “Hidden” tag from my to-do perspectives which automatically filters out anything tagged “Routine” or “List” to avoid clutter. (I tag the “Routine” tasks with “Today” so they show up in my forecast.)
  3. I have an “< ADMIN >” folder with subfolders for “< ROUTINE >” and “< LIST >”. Within the “< ROUTINE >” folder I create “[ WEEKLY ]”, “[ MONTHLY ]” and “[ YEARLY ]” single-action projects which are tagged appropriately. I can then create scheduled actions easily that are automatically tagged for me.
  4. Inside the “< LISTS >” folder I have a single-action project for each list. The project simply contains actions and sub-actions to represent the elements of the list.
  5. When I want to make a new instance of a list I select the list project, duplicate it and then move it an appropriate place (e.g. my “< HOME >” folder.
  6. I have a perspective that just shows lists by filtering on the “List” tag.

Hope that makes some kind of sense!

/edit - forgot to mention, the template list projects are marked as “On Hold” which I then change to “Active” in the duplicated instance. My list perspective filters out “On Hold” projects so I only see things I can actually work on. I also have a “List Templates” perspective which is the same as the “Lists” template but only shows projects that are “On Hold” (i.e. the templates that I duplicate to make list instances).

Or, to cut a long story short. Create a project, and duplicate it.

For my repeating checklists I create

  • a group Header „Checklist Packing for Hike“
  • multiple child actions, e.g. „Pack charged Powerpack“

The group Header is set to

  • „Mark complete with last action“ and
  • „Repeat (defer date) after one hour
  • the correct defer / due date, which is inherited by the children

As soon as I mark any child as complete, it disappears from the list of things to to.
As soon as I complete the last child action (or the header itself), the complete list reappears.

In case I want to change defer / due for the children, I only change this on the header. So I set the header to „defer 1 year“, if I won‘t actually use the list in the foreseeable future. And I‘ll set it to „tomorrow at 5am“, if I want the children to become actionable or due then.

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