Best way to insert a new action between two action groups?


I want to insert an action between two action groups. I can see three options for adding new actions directly:

  1. New Action (Cmd+N)
  2. Add Inside (Shift+Cmd+])
  3. Add Outside (Shift+Cmd+[)

I have tried all combinations of selecting top/bottom action, first action in either groups, in combinations with all the keyboard shortcuts above. The only way I have found to work is:

  1. Expand top action group.
  2. Select first action in top action group.
  3. Add Outside.
  4. Collapse top action group.

That’s four actions for the simple goal of inserting a new task between two action groups. Is there no better way?

How about option-return?

Thanks, that did it!

What is that a shortcut for? Where can I find it in the menu? 😶

I haven’t found it documented anywhere. Think of it as an alternative (optional) way to create a new task. As the ordinary way to create a new task below the selected task, by using the return key, doesn’t have the desired effect (it creates a new task inside the action group), it could be worth trying if there was a variant of the command.

Many of the the keyboard shortcuts in Omnifocus can be found in the nicely presented Keyboard Commands page (available in the Help menu). I will let The Omni Group know that option-return is missing there. I will also remind them that I have sent an e-mail to their support a long time ago mentioning that the following convenient shortcuts deserve to be documented there as well as in the Omnifocus manual:

D - Move down
U - Move up
R - Move right
L - Move left

Naturally enough, these commands only work while no text fields are activated.

(There is also a very dangerous command for changing the status to completed: space. A whole set of projects once disappeared when I by mistake tried to write something while having those projects selected. I didn’t realize that this had happened until later, when the projects were missing.)

Those are useful, thanks for mentioning. Although I’ll probably stick to the arrow keys. At least those are in the menu along with their “standard” keyboard shortcuts “Cmd+Ctlr+arrows”.

It’s a problem that the “Opt+Return” is not documented in any way (menus), but can only be found by experimentation.