Beta testing for iOS but I own only the Mac verison

Hello! Just as the title says. Ive been invited to beta test Omnifocus 3 on my phone but I only own the Mac version. It kinda just doesnt make sense to me to beta test this version when Im most likely not going to use it. When i signed up for the beta testing I assumed Id be trying out 3 in the format Id normally use it on my Mac. Any similar experiences or thoughts on this? Thanks thanks!!!

The Mac beta isn’t open yet - Omni is focusing on getting the feature list and design of the IOS version nailed before they start on OS 3 for the Mac. There’s no published schedule for the Mac beta, but I’d be surprised if it’s less than a couple of months.

Honestly you should have looked what you were signing up for, simple as that really.


Ah I see I misread the emails and was too excited for OmniFocus 3.

The sign up is for both versions.

Right now iOS is the focus, but the Mac version will come. If you don’t have any interest in the iOS version, you can ignore the updates or even remove yourself from the TestFlight (in the TF app, select ‘Stop Testing’).


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Don’t listen to some of the people in this thread.

In the OmniGroup’s latest episode of their podcast “The Omni Show”, they mention the Mac beta is a few weeks off. So likely we’ll see it this month (May).


I would suggest they’ll likely to do the same slow rollout method on the Mac as they have done on iOS. This was implied in the latest OmniShow episode :)

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Just to tie this up - according to @kcase, we won’t be seeing anything for Mac until after WWDC and some time for the Omni i folks to evaluate the impact of Mac OS 14 and IOS 12 and then decide how to manage the (potentially conflicting) need to ensure compatibility of existing versions with the updated operating systems and develop new versions.

So sounds like mid-0June at the absolute optimistic earliest, but more likely July.

It has to be said that, for all the possible benefits, the annual Mac OS/IOS update cycle is a continuing pain for developers. Every year, Omni (and others) have to commit time, money and resources simply to ensure their apps continue to work.