Better view/organization of projects

Hi I have hundreds of projects in omnifocus , they are being organized within folders, but the way that omnifocus shows my projects view makes it take a long time to view/organize/move projects around bc it only shows them in the small sidebar in the projects view, and it takes forever to scroll up or down.

Is there any way to view the projects in a better way? does omnifocus pro version allow for this? or any third party applications? or tricks?

Here are few things that work for me:

  1. Focus on a folder
  2. Open two windows and drag a project from window a to window b
  3. Defer projects so that I’m looking at less at at time

Most importantly, I have made an intentional decision to have less projects. I have projects queued up in MindNode ready to activate. I have also decided that it is better for me to group projects into more complex projects with action groups within the project

Having less projects has helped me to:

  1. Be more reliable in reviewing the projects
  2. Complete projects instead of moving slowly on several projects at a time.

Thank you Steve, thats very helpful!

Another thing that ties into this that i’m wondering about is: what is the quickest way to move a project to a folder just after creating the project? As it is now, when i make a project (whether i’m creating a new project in the quick entry window or in the app), the project automatically goes to the bottom of the project list and then i have to drag it to the correct folder. Is there any way to set it to go to the right folder when making the entry? Or any ways to make this quicker/easier?

Did you know you can create a project filed within a folder create the first task?

  1. Start typing a new task in the quick entry window.
  2. Tab to Project field.
  3. Type the name of the folder you want the new project to go, type “:”, type the name of your new project.

In the example below, I have a homeowner folder and I’m creating a new project called kitchen lighting.

buy lighbulbs will be the first action of the kitchen lighting project filed in the homeowner folder.

Another approach:

Create a new perspective called new projects

You will see all of your new projects at the top of the list.

From the right column drag “kitchen lighting” into the correct folder in the left column.

Thanks again, that helps SO much!!

Could you please explain how you integrate mindnode into your workflow? Im interested in the idea, but I almost always add reminders and project ideas via either siri (which sends reminders to omnifocus inbox) or omnifocus quick entry. Do you make tasks in omnifocus like this, and then transfer them out of omnifocus to mindnode?

And do the two apps work together well? ie if you are building a project in mindnode, you can add tasks to a project in mindnode that will be properly/easily transferred to a project in omnifocus when you’re ready to focus on it?

I do the same thing. If it is simple project then I’ll develop it in OmniFocus. It it is a complex project and one that I’m not ready to start, I will develop it in mindnode. I might keep a task in OmniFocus called Consider Kitchen remodel with a link to the mindmode map.

There could be a tighter tighter integration between the apps, but it is a welcome improvement from a few years ago. I’m more relaxed and creative while mindmapping. It is easier for me to see how everything fits together. When I’m ready to start doing, I send the project to OmniFocus.

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Hi Steve,
Thanks for this comment - but it doesn’t seem to work if there are nested folders. Even if you do this after a subfolder OF adds a new folder and project at the end. Am I missing something?

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I explained several options-- which one were you trying to do?

Are you talking about creating a new project from the quick entry window?

You would have to type on the entire path. . . for example,

home: kitchen: remodel

This would create a project called remodel in the kitchen folder which is nested in the home folder. If I were going to use this I would create a textexpander snippet.

It’s not an issue for me as I rarely nest beyond the first level.

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