Biggest Critique to OF, no 'back' button

There is no BACK button!

so many times, especially on the Mac, I go to a project or context to quickly do something within a work project or task and there is no way back to get back to where I was before I did that, I know it may sound petty but I usually have to first remember wha I was doing prior, then go back to that particular project or Perspective, and then scroll down to wherever it was that I was up to when going through my task list. This is especially frustrating when doing admin tasks of which there are many very small tasks to do and knock of the list each day and each week.

All in all it’s a great app not complaining but many apps nowadays have a back feature, Mac Finder, Safari, Evernote, even Spotify.

Would probably be easy enough to update onto the app and it would be massively helpful

only me or anybody agree?



I can see your point, but may I present a alternative solution? I added short commands for my most used perspectives and would like to say that it work as good as a back button if not even better.


This is an issue I hope to be addressed on OF3. Currently an excellent workaround is the fantastic script “Focus in New Tab” which opens your item of interest in a new tab without leaving the original item of interest. See



I agree. This is something that Things has that just makes it easier to use. I think it is important that smoothing usability issues like this are included in OF3


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Another vote for this one. I use the Focus Tab script all the time. For convenience, I use FastScripts to map it to a hotkey.

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Unfortunately, voting here doesn’t count. You have to email support

@jzk — To clarify, my comment was in reference to a great suggestion that @revstu made. He suggested using the Focus in New Tab and Focus in New Window scripts written by Dan Byler.


@timstringer thanks for reminding everyone that it was Dan Byler who wrote this script. I couldn’t remember his name, but I am in awe at the ingenious ideas that scripting experts come up with to tailor OF2 to any particular need. If Mr Byler ever reads this-then thanks for your hard work.

You’re welcome @revstu. I also very much appreciate scripts written by Dan Byler and others.

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I absolutely love OmniFocus, but the lack of a back button drives me absolutely insane. I run into this problem at least several times every single week. Sometimes it frustrates me so much that I have to immediately stop using the computer and go for a walk to calm down. A back button feature is fundamental to making an application usable and it destroys my soul that OmniFocus doesn’t provide one.


Agree! I also think that this function is useful!

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