Book for learning Applescript?

I guess it wouldn’t be too complicated for me to build the script I asked for in the topic ”Script for setting defer date” myself if I knew a little more about Applescript, so that is my other question, as I also would be interested in general: does anybody know of a good book to start learning Applescript completely from the beginning with, a book that doesn’t require any previous programming knowledge?

Here’s the link to your other topic.

I don’t know about a book but the best way I’ve found to pick up programming languages is to find existing code and work through it. Google each piece until you understand it. That’s how I picked it up. has some Applescript tutorials

Screencast Online also has some here:

They are membership sites. You can get a one month membership. I think there are also some trial periods available as well.

There’s another web site:

If you open your iBooks app, you can search for Applescript and see some Applescript books for sale and some free ones as well.

Good hunting…


Thanks for the links! Even if I prefer books, which may contain more information and let me more easily go back to specific parts, I tried, liked it, and learned some important Applescript basics from it.

I also searched for books at Amazon. I found one called ”Applescript 1-2-3”, written by Sal Soghoian and Bill Cheeseman. It certainly looked promising when I saw that Soghoian was product manager for automation technologies at Apple. The book seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, it just felt so strangely familiar to me. I started looking in my bookshelves, and in the end of one shelf I found it! Apparently I had bought it some years ago. I guess I have been a bit too busy these last years… Now I started immediately to read it.