Boolean Filtering

Is there a way to use logical operators when using OmniOutliner filtering?

Is this filtering using the toolbar field? If so, no, that doesn’t support any logic operators in it. Saved filters (a Pro feature), allows you to add as many criteria as you want. Though some more complex operations are not possible right now.

Thanks! The filters tab did the trick! I somehow got it in my head that I was to build filters in the toolbar and then save them to the tab.

@DerekM has this ever been added?

I manage book production, every project is indented, so it has a WBS number. We have some warehouse deadlines which are shared with every project.

What I would like is to export events to a calendar based on boolean conditions:

Export only if it is a Milestone and it begins to EITHER WBS 1 or WBS 3 … Is there something obvious I’m missing? Thank you.