Bought 2.0 Pro; do I have to pay for v2.5 on iTMS? [A: No]

My iTunes Music Store (App Store) page is telling me that OF 2.5 will now cost me $AU49.99 (i.e. Australian dollars) to buy, and that no other versions of OF 2 are available. That doesn’t seem right to me. I have paid Pro versions of OF 2 for iPhone and iPad running on each device.

Should I be paying for OF 2.5, or is there possibly a glitch in iTMS pricing / charging?

Thanks in advance.

No. If you own OF 2.5 for iPad, then you should be able to download and use it on your iPhone. The 2.5 version of OF for iOS is universal and works on the iPad and iPhone.

In fact, if you purchased OF 2 for iPhone, and OF 2 for iPad, you are eligible for a rebate from the Omni Group. Check their site for details.


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