Brand new to OF. Need help setting up location notifications

I am wondering if some Omnifocus veterans can help me out. I am brand new to Omnifocus today, but am also running iOS public beta 2. I need some help understanding if I am doing something wrong in Omnifocus or if I have the good fortune of discovering an OF/iOS 9 bug on my first exposure to the app.

I am trying to set location based notifications for a context (the grocery store). I have made a context for grocery store, set the address for that context’s location to my grocery store’s address, set to be notified on arrival to that location in OF, tried setting the location sensitivity in OF context to both the largest and middle radius, set tasks to have this context, and allowed notifications in Omnifocus and iOS settings. On arrival to the grocery store, I get no notifications, but it seems like I should based on what I’ve read about this feature.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? Possibly related, the iOS location privacy settings for Omnifocus on ios 9 public beta 2 only offers the option to use location while using the app, not all the time. Is this possibly the problem?

Thanks for any insight/help.

Certainly possible something isn’t working properly, but here are a couple things I would check/try first.

  1. Make sure Location Reminders is turned on in Settings > Sounds Alerts, and Badges.

  2. If you haven’t yet try the smallest radius option. This is roughly equivalent to a about one city block. The medium and large radius cast a much bigger footprint, and sometimes OmniFocus never sees that you’ve left that location so you don’t ever get alerted.

If exploring these two points doesn’t lead to any improvement, I would then recommend sending our Support Humans an email, so we can investigate further with you.

Thank you for the suggestions. I’ve tried both to no avail. I’ll email support.