Breadcrumb trail

Can we have a proper breadcrumb trail here on the forums. I’ve got used to Discourse now and it’s better than it was when originally launched, but this still bugs me.

When I open the forums, it is to the “Latest” page, which I have set to show only those forums that interest me. I look at the list of recent posts and start at the bottom. So today, let’s say, there is one on Other Omni Software, and a couple of others, one on OmniOutliner for Mac and one on OmniGraffle for Mac.

So I click on the thread for Meta, the one on 64-bit test builds. It’s a long, long thread and when I’ve read the new post, I want to go back to the Latest pane of All Categories. But the breadcrumb trail only takes me back to Other Omni Apps, so I have then to click on All Categories and then on Latest.

Same thing happens with the other two posts. It’s too much clicking around to get where you want. Can’t All Categories at least be put there in the breadcrumb trail too?