Bring back the litte inspectors!

I dragged the little object inspectors (height, width, position) out of the the ruler-area , but can´t get them back. Tried to reinstall the software, didn´t work. Settings are obviously installed somewhere else. Thx

Settings? Try in Finder, “Go” menu > “Go to Folder…” > “~/Library/Preferences” (without quotes), and scroll down to the files beginning with “com.omnigroup.” :-) Or… someone will have a more elegant solution than wiping your settings altogether.

Please don’t use the Finder to modify your preferences… the system does a lot of caching of preferences in memory, and the existence of the property list files on disk is simply an implementation detail. Deleting them might not have the effect you intend.

If you would like to reset your OmniGraffle preferences entirely, you can use the defaults delete command with the appropriate bundle identifier. But before doing that, I’d recommend getting in touch with our Support Humans to see if they can help you.

ok, I´ll try that, thx!

Ok, this what I did. I deleted this folder: ~/Library/Containers/com.omnigroup.OmniGraffle6. Now the little inspectors are back in place! Restored my license. What´s not working is that the app preferences are not saved any more :-(

I’m sorry, but did you get in touch with our Support Humans before trying this? Deleting the container is almost never a good idea.

Again, I suggest contacting our Support Humans before attempting remedies like this. In the meantime, please try rebooting your computer and see if OmniGraffle regains the ability to save its preferences.

Thanks Kyles, the Support Humans solved it: you can drag the geometry inspector from the sidebar to the ruler, that´s it!