Bug: Bookmarks window is empty

While all my bookmarks are accessible via the Bookmarks menu just fine, Bookmarks → Open Bookmarks Window displays a completely empty window.

I just learned that this does work for other people. So I’ll have to look into why it doesn’t for me.

I remembered that I reported a bug about bookmarks back in September 2018. The current build at the time was v630.0.318799.

The OW 6 builds for the last few days […] have a data-destructive bug affecting the bookmark files. All
the “a” tags in Bookmarks.html and Favorites.html have had their href
attributes removed by the affected OW versions. This of course means
that the bookmarks don’t work in the browser.

Could be related to your problem if you ran at least one of the affected builds?

I just checked, Bookmarks.html opens just fine in Safari and the HTML source code also looks perfectly fine. Also, all my Bookmarks are available via the Bookmarks menu and it works fine to add new bookmarks. It’s just that the Bookmarks window is completely empty (the same applies to Favorites and History).


[Sorry for the late reply; for some reason, I received no notification of your post.]

I also noticed the blank bookmark window. If I have the Bookmark preference “Show Bookmarks in: a browser window” checked I can see them, but if “a separate window” is checked the window is blank.

I wasn’t aware of the Show Bookmarks in: alternatives and can confirm it depends on the setting there.

So now we have a reproducible bug and a workaround. :-)

Well, not really a workaround, since it seems bookmarks can just be viewed but not edited in the browser window.