Bug? Complications, specifically "Forecast Items"

I think I’ve found a bug in one of the OF 4 complications, although I haven’t fully determined the full description of the bug. Can anyone confirm if they’re noticing something like the following?


Last night, I noticed that after all my tasks for the day was completed and there were no more tasks to display until the time was ready to display them, my corner complication did the following:

  • The last completed task continued to be displayed and would not disappear from the complication. I made sure that OF 4 on the Watch was synced up. I even switched to another watchface and then went back to the watchface I was using.
  • I also deleted OF 4 from my Watch and from my iPhone. When re-installed, the task still wouldn’t disappear. At some point, I started created “fake” tasks (eg., one that would be due in 1 hour) to see if that “stuck” complication would go away. It did go away and displayed the upcoming task.
  • Also, at some point I forgot what I did that led to the following, but the complication showed “Preparing for mee…” (presumably it was “meeting”). It was basically displaying the sample text instead of any actual task I had done or would be doing.

Rough summary of observation:

  • When the last task is marked as completed AND there is nothing else to display until the time is due for the next item to display, this particular complication will get stuck on displaying the last completed item instead of displaying nothing.
  • This bug seems to only occur for the “Forecast Item” in the Corner Layout. I tried the same “Forecast Item” displayed in I believe is called “Rectangular” that looks like this and in such case, the bug does not appear. When the last task is marked as completed, the display doesn’t stay stuck and it doesn’t erroneously dispaly sample text.

Again, can anyone corroborate these strange behaviours?

Just to note. I just reported this via the more official channel, via email to OmniFocus support.

Hopefully this bug gets taken care of very, very soon!

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Ok, even stranger this morning.

The Watch OF did not recognize today was the 4th and thought it was still on there 3rd so the app was showing I had no items for today but lots for tomorrow. I made sure to manually sync. Still no dice. The complication was, of course, inaccurate. It was displaying yesterday’s last completed task.

I did a force quit, then relaunched the Watch app. That seemed to fix the wrong day issue and the complication also then updated. Wild.

Further update:

Confirming that again today, the Apple Watch app isn’t advancing to the next day unless I force quit there app. The Forecast for today was showing 0 items and was showing tomorrow with 18 items when today should have been 18.

A similar issue was reported, although for a different version of OF (v3) and this was on iOS: Forecast widget doesnt update

My situation is with the Apple Watch and it isn’t just a Complication issue. Within the Watch app itself, Forecast is not advancing to Today.

I see that version 4.04 has come out. While it installed on my iPhone, it didn’t automatically update on my watch. I waited overnight. Nothing. So I uninstalled the Watch app and reinstalled it. Version 4.04 was then installed.

I’m hoping this update fixes the issues I saw!!

Update: I feel like I’m talking to myself ;-) Anyhow, so far, this update seems to have addressed the Forecast and complication issue I’ve see in the version for WatchOS. If this is truly fixed, this would be great. This was the greatest annoyance (for me) so far in the new OF.

It seems like while the today Forecast on the watch app has resolved, the complication may still not update appropriately.

The issue with the wrong complication information showing for Forecast Today Items still remains — sometimes. That complication will display the last item of Today even when there are no more Today items left but there are Tomorrow items.