[Bug/Discussion] Daylight Savings and Daily Activities

I apologize in advance if this has been mentioned before, but for the countries who have daylight savings the daily/recurrent tasks kind of bugs up.
For example, if I have a recurrent task that sets itself to be done by 5 PM every day, once it is marked complete it will schedule itself for 5 PM tomorrow. Fast forward to the beginning of the next day, after daylight savings occurred. That future task from yesterday changed to 4 PM today, and a duplicate of the same task was generated today for 5 PM. So now I have two copies of the same task, but one is recurrent for every 4 PM and the other is every 5 PM.

To remedy this I just deleted the 4 PM one, but I was wondering if anyone else experienced this? I didn’t file this because daylight savings does not happen that often, and the impact of this on usability was basically none.
I am relatively new to the app and have explored the tutorials; so far I am enjoying the features that make this productivity app stand out!

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