BUG[iOS/OF3]: Outdated daily tasks would skip the next day after it's checked

I have 2 daily tasks (the last 2 items showed in Image1), but they’re all outdated and they should be checked yesterday not today. When I checked the first daily task ( the second item showed in Image2), the task show in the Today list (you could see the number is increased in Today list in Image2). But when I checked the second daily task (the third item showed in Image3) , here is the BUG, the task showed in Tomorrow list ( you could see the number is increased in Tomorrow list in Image2), it should be showed in Today list!!

BTW I use the Chinese version.

Your tasks are probably repeating “from completion”, try repeating from “assigned dates” instead.

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Thanks for your help. I checked the attributes of 2 tasks, then I found the only difference of them was the “from completion” and “assigned dates”. The “from completion” one causes this problem.