Bug or User (OF4)?

Hi! When using an external keyboard and navigating projects with the arrow keys behavior seems inconsistent (iPad). Sometimes the project or folder automatically gets selected, sometimes the blue lines move without selecting the projects. See screenshot. I didn‘t find a way to select it with the keyboard, only by tapping it. Am I using it wrong?

Actually I also experienced that I added a task to a project on the iphone and even though I was within that project OF assigned a different project in the outline. It seemed as if a different projected was „selected“ than what the UI showed. So maybe there‘s a bug concerning selection?

I tried navigating around with the arrow keys in my own list of projects. Whenever I move up/down and it selects a new project, it will also open it in the view on the right. From your screenshot it looks like that is not happening in your case (“Spielen” is selected but “Schreiben” is activated). Seems like you need to activate the project after it is selected.

That could be a bug but it might also be an accessibility setting on the iPad. Have you had a look at the keyboard and accessibility settings on your iPad yet?

In case you think this is a bug it is best to e-mail Omni (go to settings in OmniFocus > Help > Contact Omni).