Bug: Remove Midpoint button MIA from Line inspector

The ability to remove midpoints from lines is important, and used to be supported well.

Now the remove midpoint button is gone from the Line inspector, and there’s no menu item containing “remove” let alone “midpoint” :-(

6.1.1 (v159.2 r222945)

You can still select the midpoint and hit the Delete key to delete it.

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I have documents with 63 lines each with midpoints that need deleting. Manual selection is not a solution. I will email support@omnigroup.com, but this loss of functionality renders our major use for Omnigraffle (cleaning up graphviz documents for publication) unworkable…

Hi @timbates!

I responded to your ticket via email; thanks for writing in to us! I wanted to reply here, too, incase there are others who are searching for this same information.

While @KyleS’s recommendation is one approach you could take, I completely understand that manually selecting each midpoint doesn’t work in all cases. The “Remove midpoints” button was removed from the inspector in OmniGraffle 6.1, but if you Control-click on a line with midpoints, you’ll still see it in the resultant contextual menu. You can also select multiple lines at once, Control-click and select “Remove midpoints” from the contextual menu.