Bug: Software updates and Forecast tag

There is what I consider to be a bug with the Forecast tag and updates to OmniFocus. If I have a series of actions tagged with my designated Forecast tag, they will persist day after day in the Tagged list in Forecast UNLESS I run an update. No matter the device (Mac, iPhone, iPad), if there is an update to Omnifocus available and I update, most of my Forecast tagged actions get dropped from the list unless they were new for that day (i.e., they were actions that were deferred till that day). The respective actions don’t lose their tag; they just no longer show up in the Tagged list in Forecast. If I sync devices, this does not correct the issue. My un-updated Mac, say, will have all the Forecast actions I have tagged, but the updated iOS devices will not get them back via a sync. This defeats the reliability of the designated Forecast tag and makes me need to go back to using the Deferred list in its place. The latter is not affected by software updates and it syncs its content across devices. Please fix this. I want to use this feature but I don’t want to have to hunt down those actions every time I run an update.

When that happens, is your personal forecast tag still set in the settings of that particular device (that setting is device specific) or is that lost as well?

I didn’t specifically check on that (I will on the next update), but since actions that happened to be deferred until the same day that an update happens to arrive AND have my assigned Forecast tag stay in the Tagged list then I’d assume yes. If the deferred date was in the past, they are dropped off the list. I have not tried actions that never had a deferred date to see what happens there.

Try it as a test and see what you get. Create an misc action named Test. Give it your Today tag or whatever you call it. Set a deferred date for tomorrow and then wait till the next update. See whether it is still there after the software update.

Well this is odd. Last night I took everything (4 actions) that had my Forecast tag assigned and deferred them all to the next day. When I checked my iOS device today, 2 of the actions on my iOS devices lost their respective Forecast tag (I call it “active” on my devices), but all did show up under Deferred as expected. On my iPhone, I re-added the Forecast tag to one of the two actions, and this change carried over to my iPad. My Mac, where I initially deferred all the actions, did not lose any tags. Something is buggy here.

I am also losing tags during updates. Has happened twice now. Have you emailed this to support?

Not yet. I wanted to see whether this was a something that had been addressed already before contacting support, but I’ll do that now.

I was told 3.0.2 test / 3.1 release fixed the issue, but it happen to me again updating to 3.1.1.

This looks like a very complex debugging, since you’re mentioning

  • tags staying, but tasks not being shown (= display issue)
  • tags disappearing (= data issue)
  • disappearing tags not being synched to all other devices (= sync issue)

This looks like it is way beyond what we could debug here together without a good look at your data.

Support is the way to go!