Bug with context-based perspective


I created a context-based perspective that focuses on just one context. I set it up through Perspectives and then modified it by clicking on the one context I wanted to show (“Bills”), then showing only Available, then clicking Save on the perspective.

It worked fine until I completed everything - then it showed ALL the available items across all contexts.

Attached is the screen shot of what the perspective looks like.

Any ideas? is this a bug?


Oh, I see! The perspective is set to select your “Bills” context in the sidebar, but when that context becomes inactive it disappears (because your “Filter contexts” setting is set to “Active”)—which means your sidebar has nothing selected, which means you end up seeing everything from all your other (active) contexts.

The workaround is to change your “Filter contexts” setting to show “All Contexts” so that your “Bills” context always exists in the sidebar whether or not it’s active.

Hope this helps!


Yes! that does help. User error all the way, but I guess it works a little differently from OF 1? or maybe I got that wrong too.

I will say, I liked that in OF 1 I could set up a view just so and then say Save as Perspective. That’s a killer feature that I am missing in OF 2.

Thanks for your help!

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