Bug: Workspace sometime “forgets” some URLs

While the Workspace feature mostly works and after a relaunch of OmniWeb all the browser windows from the last session are restored, it sometimes happens that in a few of these windows the URLs are not remembered so that the windows are empty. Sometimes I can reconstruct the lost content because of the window size; for some web pages (e.g. YouTube videos) I’m using different window sizes, so I can recognize from the window size what content was probably displayed, but the specific URL is lost.

This is especially cumbersome in combination with Bug: No history, as there is no way to get the specific URL back.

There seems to be a close connection to Bug: Go Back/Forward sometimes does not work: Just as Go Back/Forward does not work in particular in YouTube pages, these pages are also particularly often lost in the Workspace (i.e. after restarting OmniWeb, the windows are still opened and are still sized for YouTube videos, but are empty).