Build 2014-04-28 "Arrow Keys" behavior change

From the latest build description:

“Arrow Key Navigation — When editing a field, the arrow keys will now take you to the next editable field in that direction rather than leaving you stuck within your current field. (To quickly get to the start or end of the current field, you can use the standard Option-Up and Option-Down keyboard shortcuts.)”

Personally, I think this is a waste. It’s against how everything normally works in the OS X interface, and I really don’t like it. When I’m in a field, I want to press Down or Up to get to the end and the start of that field respectively! It have been like this since 1987 I think.

I know this is how OF1 worked, and I complained about it at that time as well. Working with OF2 I was very happy this behavior went away. Until now…

Maybe you should make this a preference?

Any opinions?

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I have been reading the release notes, but I did not test out the arrows until today. The keyboard surfing crowd (member!) might love this to speed up the clean up process, but I think it will take time to get used to it.

I always used tab in OF1, and I used the up and down arrow when doing large edits on dates. I never noticed the left/right arrow usage in OF1. I have to agree it goes against normal interface behavior, but in fairness tab and shift-tab still work.

It gets weird if I am editing text after typo. If I hit the right arrow twice after the word, if I am typing too fast, I’ve jumped to the next column. Up and down hops through the top/bottom of an action (title [top]; project, context, dates [bottom]) and onto the next item.

I’ll have to pay more attention to see if it messes me up.