Building a timeline view in OF

Hello! I’ve been using OF for many years and it is an incredible tool, but I have to manage so many tasks that I am searching for a way to visualize my tasks and projects in another way and I was wondering if it was in the projects of the team to associate a timeline to OF. If you consider how Pagico does on that point, I think it could be an incredible feature in OF. What about that ?


Maybe I’m missing something here, but isn’t this similar to the forecast view?

The forecast view is a very short timeline. I need to take a wider overview of my tasks.

Was there something about Pagico that you didn’t like?

Omnifocus has a great interface and it is completely integrated with Mac os. But I found a way to do what I was searching for since I customized the @context function and it works the way I need: I created a work list and added it to my contexts and voilà. It is a “timeline-like”… but but but: if you consider the vertical timeline that is on the top right of that page, you have an example of a timeline that could be very useful if it was integrated in OF in a horizontal line combined with Calendar. Not only a calendar timeline, but a time overview. That’s exactly what Pagico automatically produces and what Omniplan does too.

I would love to see a timeline view as well. I’m currently using Aeon Timeline, and there is a lot of duplication of effort in maintaining the two.

Hey Timeliner, thanks for this suggestion! We’ll be glad to record your support for that - just drop us an email with your request at

Omniboard is a very useful tool for giving an overview about your projects.

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Thanks for the mention of Pagico. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

To make you switch to Pagico was not my intention. I discovered and tested Pagico beacuse I did not find that timeline in Omnifocus and I don’t mean by timeline the existing one combined with Calendar. I mean : an overview of your tasks within a long period of time. That’s what Pagico does. But Omnifocus is so gorgeous and so efficient — cmd + space bar and it’s done — that when it comes to talk about aesthetic and easiness I can’t do the switch. In fact, as I did not find any app that worked with a timeline —except Pagico — I had to re-learn Omnifocus and I must say I am very happy with it. But if the team created a timeline, I would be quite ready to pay another upgrade.

I’ve been copying the planned and completed tasks each week into an airtable board (as task paper) and then wrote a little web app to query the airtable db and present a timeline of planned vs. completed. It doesn’t take too long each week. I’m pretty busy now, but I could think about publishing my workflow somewhere.

Adding my name to the list of those who would love a timeline view.

Would it be easier for Omni to publish tasks as Calendar items on their due date? The only downside on this would be that repeating projects and tasks would only show once until they were completed and the new one was created

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