Bulk Deferring to 1w Before Due Date For Entire Project?


I’ve got a “Social” list that has on it phone calls I need to make for people’s birthdays, etc. is there a way to set the deferred date to one week before a due date for each item in an entire project?

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Set a due date on the project, and don’t set a due date on any of the items within the project itself. Then you only need to make one change.

What I was looking for was: I have the following example project. Item 1 is due in march 21st, say, Item 2 is due in may 8th, and Item 3 is due december 9th. I wanted to be able to just make all of the items deferred to 1 week before due, so like march 14, may 1, december 2, all without having to go through a list of 40 or 50-some items once a year. This method you suggested only works if all the items have the same due date.

Unfortunately not all my friends have the same birthday, which is mildly inconvenient, otherwise I indeed would defer the whole project until right before the collective birthdate. But instead of getting all new friends and filtering them based upon birthday, I figured a workaround: make the whole project “on hold”, then just filter based upon “available” in context view. this reduces the clutter.

I think you’d need AppleScript for this. Still, it’s probably faster to just go through them and manually set the defer dates (and set them to repeat annually so that you only have to do it once) than it is to write a script.

Still, using fields to define other fields is a neat concept. You could email in to request that.



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