BusyCal, Cal, and OF2

I use BusyCal for my calendars (in concert with Google Calendar). It works great. Could there be an option for OF2 to link with Google Cal or via BusyCal directly?

Today I’ve tried setting up Mac Cal to read my Google Cal with no luck. I don’t have a problem on the iPad version, but something is amiss on the desktop. (I’m running 10.9.2.)

I’d definitely set up via Mac Cal if someone has a great tip. I always get no message, no error indication, just a blank slate after logging into Google via Cal prefs. Or I get the message “There was a problem setting up …” (Okay, one of the reasons I switched to BusyCal years ago is the very funky behavior of Apple Cal.)

At any rate, I’d love to be able to use forecast view including cal