Buy OF3 now or wait to OF4?

Hello friends!

I am thinking of purchasing omnifocus for Mac. Right now it is version 3.9.1. So my idea is that if I buy it, in brief Omnifocus for mac I imagine that it will be at 4 and I will have to pay for an update.
Also, I have seen in this blog that they want to unify the purchases and I have bought OF3 for iPad and I do not know if in the future it would serve me or would need to have OF3 for Mac …

What would you guys do???
I have asked support but they don’t tell me anything clear because they don’t even know it … and I want to know it because I don’t want an App subscription (I hate it, I like the license forever)

A curious link with information is here:

### With major new upgrades to your apps on the way, should I buy them today?

If you just want to get work done rather than worrying about timing, your best option might be to purchase a subscription! As noted earlier, subscriptions require the least up-front investment and always give you access to the latest version of our apps, enabling every feature on every platform. Team subscriptions are available today, and as noted above personal subscriptions will be available very soon.

But while we’re on the topic of licensing…

Over the last decade, the ways that apps are designed and built aren’t the only things which have changed: market expectations around how apps are bought and sold have also changed. Rather than buying independent apps for each platform (Mac, iPhone, iPad), in today’s market we expect to be able to purchase an app once and use it on every device where that app is available. This is already true for all of our subscriptions (where one universal subscription gives you access to the app on all devices), and as we look to the future we think it’s appropriate to use this model for our traditional licenses as well.

To that end, starting with OmniPlan 4 (but ultimately expanding to include our entire productivity suite), whether you purchase our apps using a subscription or a traditional license your purchase will be a universal purchase which unlocks the app on every device where it can run.

I always try to look at the value not the cost, especially with something like a task manager or other “useful” software or hardware. If you need it now buy it now, if you feel you need to wait you may not need it at all

There will always be a next version that’s how tech companies stay in business, however the Omni group has always had a very fair upgrade philosophy, but buy any software on what it does now not on what it may do or be in the next version

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I’d say buy now, if an update comes along to v4 anytime soon, which I seriously doubt, there will most likely be a very good discount.

I find the 2020 plan largely a continuation of the 2019 plan, which still has not delivered on its content. So from that aspect you should be ok as well.

If you don’t want to marry OmniFocus just yet, I’d go for a subscription for the next couple of months. It’s an easy way to keep using OmniFocus until you’re definitely sure of going all in.

Omni usually has free upgrades if you bought an Omni app within the last XX months. Not sure how many months exactly but I want to say 6 months. Don’t quote me on that. Then there will be upgrade discounts anyways if you fall out of that upgrade window.

I think it’s still too early to know when OF4 will come. I don’t even think Omni knows yet either.

I’d rather hit the ground running and start using OmniFocus today. When OF4 arrives, I’ll have a system in place and most of my kinks worked out.

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