Calendar Appointments in Forecast View

How can I fix OmniFocus forecast view so that calendar events show up when they start and not when they end? If I have a calendar appointment that is 12:00pm - 2:00pm, then a couple of tasks with due times of 12:30pm and 1:00pm, Forecast shows:

12:30pm task
1:00pm task
12:00pm - 2:00pm calendar event

When it really should show:

12:00pm - 2:00pm calendar event
12:30pm task
1:00pm task

It really messes me up when my calendar events show up after other events that are due later than the calendar events.

Yeah, I’m not aware of a fix here. I believe the app presumes events are blocking, and thus you would need to finish those two tasks beforehand.

If I have a calendar event starting at 12:00pm that I have to be at, then why would it list tasks that need to be done after 12:00pm before the 12:00pm calendar event. If you are saying that at 12:00pm - 2:00pm calendar event just means that it has to be done by 2:00pm, that seems wrong, since almost all calendar events I have I need to be there at the start, not by the end.

A task that has a 12:30 pm due date isn’t read as “needs to be done after 12:00 pm”, rather, it’s “needs to be done before 12:30 pm”. And if you have a task due in the middle of an event, as a practical matter, you may need to have it completed before the event starts. At least that’s my impression of the logic behind it.

I will note that it looks like if you defer the task to 12:01 onwards, those tasks should show up after the event.

That’s indeed the reason that was given by the Omni team. I like it that way because the Forecast view is about required order of execution, and the best assumption is that a task with a hard deadline which is in the middle of an event or meeting needs to be completed before the event starts. This situation is often a prompt to adjust the due time of a task.

Admittedly this works well on the condition that:

  • you are not multitasking, the event requires your full attention (you can set which calendars show up in Forecast to only include the most relevant ones)
  • due dates on tasks are used for meaningful deadlines, not as a scheduling mechanism.
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Thanks, at least I understand the thinking behind why it was designed this way.

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